PhRMA Microsite Delivers the ABCs of Health Care Coverage

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The biopharmaceutical industry became a key stakeholder in the conversation around the Affordable Care Act implementation, and needed a new digital strategy.

The Challenge

The passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) included changes to the way patients access and pay for prescription medicines. As a result, the biopharmaceutical industry has become a key stakeholder in the conversation about ACA implementation.

The Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) approached Connections Media with the task of launching a website that consolidates industry messaging on prescription medicine coverage under ACA. This microsite would offer content that would resonate with industry partners, member companies, policymakers, and legislators, while also maintaining an aesthetic and content strategy that would appeal to a broader health care consumer audience.

In addition to building a microsite, Connections Media also implemented a digital promotion strategy to ensure that the site reached the target audience, including legislators and policymakers in various priority states across the country and within the DC metro area.


ABCs of Coverage: Multi
ABCs of Coverage: Video Home 2
ABCs of Coverage: Video Home

The Solution

With these goals in mind, Connections Media delivered in October 2014 to correspond with ACA open enrollment. Over an accelerated timeline, Connections Media engaged its strategy, content, creative, and development teams to produce, edit, manage, and deploy both new and existing content. These efforts included:

  • The 123s: By the Numbers section includes an interactive map that incorporates state-specific data originally sourced from;
  • The Latest section was envisioned with the frequent news coverage of the ACA in mind, and features recent stories and blogs on prescription medicine access; and,
  • The Coverage Classroom features an original animated video series that offers accessible explanations for complex insurance jargon. 

In coordination with the site’s launch, Connections Media developed a promoted media plan that incorporated PhRMA’s priorities. This digital promotion strategy blended a highly custom targeted approach in key states alongside a broader-reaching national campaign. These efforts included search, display, and native advertising campaigns in outlets and networks across the U.S.


ABCs of Coverage
ABCs of Coverage

The Results

In its first 30 days, had nearly 21,000 site visits and 32,000 page views by more than 17,000 influencers and other target audience users. The digital promotion results were equally impressive. Designed to focus on high-quality engagements over volume, the search campaign had a click-through-rate (CTR) of 3.5%, including a 20.83% CTR on a non-branded term – one of the highest rates Connections Media has ever seen. The display campaign, designed to garner impressions and drive awareness, earned hundreds of thousands of views over the life of the campaign.


ABCs of Coverage