Experiencing Save The Children's Mission with an iPad App

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A way to be an engaging and strategic email acquisition campaign is to go beyond the email and create a creative engagement tool.

The Challenge

For an advocacy group, implementing a strategic email acquisition campaign is critical but has the potential to be a dull and difficult process. A great way to overcome this hurdle is to capitalize on huge events such as conventions. But in order for the campaign to be effective, it must be engaging and easy to use while effectively explaining the organization’s mission and competing on a busy convention floor.

During the 2016 election cycle, Save the Children Action Network (SCAN), the political advocacy arm of Save the Children, wanted to raise awareness of their mission at both the Democratic and Republican Conventions. Being a relatively new organization in their first election cycle, SCAN saw the political conventions as a unique opportunity to introduce their work to a politically-engaged audience. To ensure that their visibility efforts continued after the conventions, SCAN opted to collect emails from attendees.

Connections Media was approached to create an engagement tool that illustrated SCAN’s mission to provide opportunities for children around the world while also appealing to the audiences at both conventions. In doing so, Connections Media had to strike the careful balance between effective storytelling and efficient collection of contact information.

Case Study: SCAN
SCAN: Homepage
SCAN: Quiz screens

The Solution

In order to create a product that could convey a message that appealed to two different audience bases, at the Democratic and Republican conventions, SCAN and Connections Media collaborated on an interactive iPad app build.

In their booths at each convention, SCAN planned to have several iPads running an app that users could interact with either on their own or with the assistance of a member of SCAN’s team. The app featured  two stories, each reflecting SCAN’s the two areas of focus: one profiling a child and one profiling a mother, whose life was positively impacted by the work and programs supported by SCAN. After reading the stories, the user could take a did-you-know quiz which then highlighted key opportunities for positive impact .

The app was designed to be self-guided, so users had the option to get either a top-level overview of SCAN’s efforts or dig deeper into additional fact sheets and videos. The quiz surfaced information from each profile and the app featured multiple opportunities for users to sign up for SCAN's email list.

SCAN: Form
SCAN: Load screen - full photo
SCAN: Detail page


On an compressed timeline, the app was designed, developed, tested and successfully launched at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. On the first day of the DNC, there were more than 400 signups. Across the two conventions, more than 1,200 interested visitors signed up to receive information from SCAN.

This interactive platform let SCAN present its mission of improving early childhood education and ending preventable deaths, and engage policymakers, pundits, press and constituents in an interactive and  informational way. Connections Media supported SCAN for the entire cycle of this project, from concept to development and implementation. Connections Media collaborated on both the technical and content strategy to ensure users could find their way to SCAN’s mission and onto their email list. Through innovative channels, SCAN was able to get their message across in a clear and concise manner.

SCAN: Booth