Education Nation Case Studies Tell School Success Stories

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An initiative aimed to engage the country in solutions-focused conversation on education, NBC News' Education Nation highlights great examples of schools tackling problems in creative new ways.

The Challenge

Sometimes, the facts on American education can seem dire: American students rank 25th in math and 21st in science compared to 30 other industrialized countries. Sixty-eight percent of American eighth graders cannot read at their grade level.

Despite the many challenges facing our education system, however, schools across the country are implementing new and innovative solutions to help students succeed.

NBC News’ Education Nation is an initiative to engage the country in a solutions-focused conversation on education. As part of this initiative, NBC Universal wanted to create a digital presence to highlight great examples of schools tackling problems in creative new ways.

Ed Nation: iPad 1
Ed Nation: iPad 3

The Solution

Connections Media worked with NBC Universal to create the Education Nation case studies. Each case study is a scrollable digital presentation that combines broadcast journalism, print reporting, photography, infographics, and interactive elements to bring multiple schools and their innovative solutions to life.

Each case study tells the story of a school’s significant challenge, and how the faculty, administration, and students are working to overcome it.

Ed Nation: iPad 2

The Results

By sharing these stories in a rich and compelling digital format, the Education Nation case studies celebrated the important work of schools and helped drive the national conversation on education forward.

The case studies received the prestigious 2013 Deadline Award for Digital and Interactive Media.

The Deadline Award marked the second year in a row that the collaboration between Connections Media and the NBC News Education Nation team was recognized. In 2012, our work for the NBC News Education Nation Summit won the Webby Award for Events and Live Webcasts


Education Nation Case Studies