Advancing Platform Capabilities
September 24, 2018

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Once a platform is highly utilized, it has to evolve and manage problems that weren’t apparent earlier on.

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Once a platform is highly utilized, it has to evolve and manage problems that weren’t apparent earlier on. Pinterest has seen a large increase in regular users as more people looks for ways to save and manage the rising tide of content they encounter every day while Instagram is making changes in how it addresses drug use on the platform.  

Instagram Opioid
Pinterest sees a rise in active monthly users

Once a dark horse in the social sphere, Pinterest said they have more than 250 million monthly active users. That’s a 100 million users more than the company reported just two years ago. Interestingly, more than half of its users are located outside the U.S., and 80 percent of new sign-ups come from abroad.

More brands are partnering with the platform, as it has expanded and updated its business offerings, including redesigning the business pages and introducing Promoted videos. With Facebook definitely plateauing and Twitter dealing with political problems (mostly of its own making), it’ll be interesting to see how Pinterest changes as more businesses and users start signing up.

Instagram keeping itself—and you—safe

As Instagram gets bigger, it wants to ensure the safety of both the platform and its users. The company recently announced new safety initiatives to accomplish both goals. For the platform, the company is introducing a new two-factor authentication option, where users can link a third-party security app to ensure their profile’s safety.

The platform is also increasing access to its once-shadowy verification process, which means more users to be verified, thus held accountable to the audience. Instagram is also adding more details to the  “About This Account” page for every account, including the date the account was opened, the location of the account, other accounts with shared followers, a history of username changes and any ads being run by the account. This will give users a deeper understanding of the content they’re seeing.

Another new development that will protect the user is that Instagram will feature a pop-up when users search drug or substance-related hashtags. The pop-up will offer services, including “addiction and mental health hotlines, a treatment services locator and a hub for addiction resources.”

Instagram said the reasoning behind this is that despite the fact that hashtags are sometimes used for buying and selling drugs, they’re also used by people who are seeking addiction help. The change will be interesting to monitor, because it could set a socially responsible trend for other platforms.

To stay relevant, every social media brand needs to advance and modernize, both for the user’s benefit and for their own. Pinterest and Instagram are doing that just that, and they might be the leaders in a new way of thinking.

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