Parent Toolkit App Helps Parents Navigate their Student’s Growth

NBC News Education Nation // Pearson

The Challenge

The Parent Toolkit, produced by NBC News’ Education Nation and sponsored by Pearson, is a pioneering, interactive, and easy-to-use digital resource that helps parents participate in their child’s academic success and personal growth.

The goal of the Parent Toolkit is to provide parents with a high-quality, user-friendly digital resource to help their children succeed in school and beyond. The Toolkit is based on research showing that children do better in all measures of learning and life-test scores, school attendance, graduation rates, improved behavior, and levels of higher education – when their parents are deeply involved in their children’s education.

After the initial launch of in 2013, Education Nation sought to take the resource a step further to give parents these same helpful tips and advice in a convenient and fully mobile environment.

The Solution

Connections Media created The Parent Toolkit App. The App is designed to allow parents to support their child’s development while they are on-the-go. For each grade, the Parent Toolkit App provides parents with benchmarks to see what their child will learn in school, and recommendations for diet, sleep and physical activity. The grade-by-grade tips work into parents’ everyday schedule encourage their children’s academic progress and healthy lifestyle habits.

With the Parent Toolkit App, parents can create profiles for their children, mark items as priorities to review later and accomplish, and easily share tips and information with family and friends. To ensure the Parent Toolkit App could be accessed by as many parents as possible, the App was developed for both iOS and Android platforms and is free to download in the App Store and Google Play. The App has been accessibility tested and works with gesture-based screen readers, including VoiceOver and TalkBack. Furthermore, parents have the ability to browse and interact with the Toolkit’s tips and advice in English or Spanish.

The Results

The Parent Toolkit App launched in late August 2014 in conjunction with back-to-school season, a time when parents are particularly focused on their children’s education and development. The Parent Toolkit App was featured on NBC News’ channels and promoted throughout social media, in-app advertising, and partner outreach. With the combined success of these efforts, the App was well received by parents and was downloaded over 18,000 times during the first month of launch.

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