Social Media

We have the tools, insights and proven experience to help organizations succeed in the complex and dynamic realm of social media.

The explosion of social media has created unique opportunities and challenges for public affairs.  Connections Media possesses extensive experience designing and implementing custom-tailored social media programs - from conceiving discrete campaigns to managing day-to-day content channels - for high stakes, high-profile organizations.

There is no single template for success in social media.  We work with our clients to craft customized social strategies to meet specific communications objectives, bringing a meticulous attention to detail, informed listening and audience measurement, and a focus on high-quality content with each project we take on.

We offer a complete social media management service, enabling our clients to focus on high-level strategy and communications while our experienced team supports the day-to-day production of text, graphics, and sharable content for all major social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube, and more.

We constantly stay on top of (and help to inform) industry best practices, and measure results on a minute-to-minute basis, using these insights to optimize tactics. Employing a variety of tools and our extensive experience, our methods permit a complete view of the trends, topics, and content your target audience is engaged with, and enable us to identify digital influencers and un-tapped audiences

The Connections Media team has a deep knowledge of the art and science of sharing, engagement, and measurement, and the in-house capabilities to execute effectively in this highly complex and challenging environment.