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Smartphones Becoming Primary Source for Internet Access

July 11, 2011 // Connections Media

A third of all American adults own a smartphone. A quarter of those Americans use smartphones as their main way of getting on the Internet, and about 9 of 10 say they go online and check their e-mail daily on their smartphones.

These statistics, from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, show that smartphones may be well on their way to replacing desktop and laptop computers as our primary means of getting on the Web.

The Washington Post reports on the study:

Smartphone users are diverse. Most are well-off and educated. And, adoption by blacks and Hispanics is particularly high at 44 percent.

“For businesses, government agencies and nonprofits who want to engage with certain communities, they will find them in front of a four-inch screen, not in front of a big computer in their den,” said Aaron Smith, a researcher at Pew and author of the report.”

The Post report also notes that currently 63 percent of all Web traffic comes from computers, but according to Internet network company Cisco that number will be down to 46 percent by 2015. The article indicates that speed will be the key factor in accelerating this trend. As wireless technology advances, smartphones become more useful devices, particularly for high bandwith-demanding activities such as streaming video.

At Connections Media, we are well aware of this rapid shift towards smartphone use and are prepared to implement strategies based on that trend. We understand that viewing a mobile site is a different experience, and we know how to make it a dynamic one.


Source: The Washington Post 


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