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Facebook Introduces Zip Code Ad Targeting

August 12, 2011 // Connections Media

Facebook is now offering zip code targeting on its advertising platform. ClickZ reports: 

The capability has special value for local advertisers as well as political advertisers looking to reach specific voting districts.

Advertisers can now target ads including Sponsored Story campaigns down to the zip code level throughout the U.S, said a Facebook spokesperson. Until now, they could target geographically only to cities, states, and provinces. Advertisers can target individual ads to as many as 2,500 zip codes.

This new capability will dramatically enhance the power of Facebook advertising for politics and public affairs. One of the strengths of Facebook has been the ability to reach friends of your page’s fans – a powerful network effect that results in an ever expanding circle of potential advocates for your campaign or cause. But the lack of zip code targeting, which is widely available on most other advertising platforms, has, until now, limited the value of Facebook in situations where hyper-local targeting is necessary.

So, to paraphrase Vice President Joe Biden: “This is a big deal.”

At Connections Media, we know that paid online promotion can be a key component of any digital strategy. We have experience developing robust paid digital campaigns using Facebook’s advertising platform, and will be fully prepared to help clients utilize this exciting new tool for reaching a specific audience.

Source: Inside Facebook 


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